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About Us

Hi love!

I'm so happy you stopped by! I started the Rare Pearl March 8, 2020. I have had a love for clothes for as long as I can remember! This dream of mine never seemed in reach, until I advanced my cosmetology career and realized if I was capable of making women feel beautiful and confident behind the chair, I can do it with clothes! So I hit the ground running and made it happen! I started this boutique with hopes to enhance every women's confidence while bringing you trendy, quality clothing at an affordable price. I want you to always remember you are beautiful inside and out no matter your age or size. So I hope you take a look around the shop and grab some items you love and wear them with the confidence you deserve.


We are proud to be a family owned and operated business! We appreciate your support!

Thank You & God Bless


A pearl of great price- Matthew 13:45-46